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List of all Epson ink cartridges by number

Epson Printer Ink Cartridges

Original Epson printer ink cartridges for Epson inkjet printers. Listed below is the whole range of original Epson inkjet printer cartridges available on the Ink2U website

Everybody knows that the quality of Epson printer ink is right at the heart of Epson photo printing. It is what makes the difference between vibrant or dull colours, between sharp or blurry inkjet photo print outs, or between prints that keep their quality for a lifetime and those whose colour quickly fades. That's why Epson puts maximum effort into developing the ink cartridges and systems that will deliver the expected quality print outs that your photos deserve.

Epson Ink Cartridge Expectations

  • Being instantaneously heated to high temperatures, Epson ink must remain stable during operation.
  • So as to not clog the tiny print head nozzles, it must be capable of forming microscopic droplets, which in some cases are 2,000,000 times smaller than a raindrop.
  • To ensure a perfect print by placing the droplets on the paper with precision and accuracy. The ink has to maintain a perfectly spherical shape when fired through the printhead.

These genuine Epson inkjet printer inks have been tirelessly developed to ensure that each of these demands are met, print after print.

Longevity Of Epson Inkjet Prints

All photographs will fade in time, for which inkjet printed photographs are no exception. Being manufactured to the most stringent safety and environmental standards, Epson printer inks are engineered to minimise the negative, tarnishing impact of light and gases in the air.

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