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We Buy Your Empty Ink Cartridges

Don't be ripped off by companies who advertise a "Free Recycling Service"! Most empty ink cartridges have a value and you are giving these companies your money by sending them your empty ink cartridges for nothing. Why not send them to us using our FREEPOST and receive the cash for these cartridges yourself, or donate the money you receive to a good cause?

Ink Cartridge Recycling Facts

  • Worldwide over 300 million ink cartridges are sent to landfill or incinerated.
  • Statistically only 10% of all empty ink cartridges are currently being recycled. This figure has doubled in recent years, but we still have a way to go.
  • More and more ink cartridges than ever are being thrown away each year.
  • Plastics used in ink cartridges can take over 10 centuries (1000 years!) to decompose
  • 90ml of oil is used to produce each ink cartridge.
  • In the last six months alone, ink cartridge recycling has saved more than 50 million liters of oil. This is more oil than what was tragically spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska's Prince William Sound in 1989.
  • Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming. Ink cartridge recycling helps reduce this 'greenhouse gas' as well as conserving resources and reducing waste.

Join our recycling program today!

Our ink cartridge recycling program is FREE to join and beneficial to both you and the environment. We even pay for all the collection costs, and will not keep you waiting long for your money. Best of all, you are rewarded with cash for each empty ink cartridge that we receive from you. Although your contributions might seem minimal, please remember...... Every Little Helps!

How does it work?

1. Start collecting your empty ink cartridges.

Start by asking all your friends and colleagues to stop throwing away all their empty ink cartridges. Find an empty cardboard box and simply ask them to save each empty as they replace them.
A complete list of all the empty ink cartridges we currently purchase, together with the purchase prices is detailed at the bottom of this page.

2. Pack your empty ink cartridges.

Carefully pack your empties to avoid damage during transit. We recommend each cartridge should be individually wrapped using newspaper and using the cartridge print head clip if relevent.

3. Include your details.

Please include the following details with your empty ink cartridges:

  • Contact Name.
  • Your full address.
  • Telephone number.
  • A list (including quantities) of the empties being returned
  • .Details for payment - Please specify individual name, company name, organisation, charity, school or fundraising project.

4. How do I return the empty ink cartridges?

If you have less than 50 empties to return, please send them to the address below. Remember to include the P&P cost so we can refund that too!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept Laser Toner Cartridges (See list below for qualifying cartridges)

Our address is:

Ink2U Recycling Centre
Unit 4G
Westpark 26
TA21 9AD

5. More than 50 empty ink cartridges to return?

If you have more than 50 empties to return, please call:

Tel: 0844 740 7402 local rate or 01823 665141 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm)
Fax: 01823 66 25 49 (24Hrs)

6. Payment.

If you are an customer the value of the empties will be stored on your account and deducted from your next order (unless the amount exceeds £25 in which case if instructed, we will forward payment by BACS or PayPal instead).

lf you are not an customer the empty cartridges will be checked through and a cheque will be sent to the address provided when the total exceeds £25.

7. Qualifying cartridges and their corresponding values:

"Virgin" and "Non Virgin" refers to the current condition of the Ink Cartridges being returned.

A Virgin Cartridge is a once used empty.

A Non-Virgin Cartridge has been refilled or remanufactured at least once before. As a result of this it is much less likely to be successfully recycled in future, and is therefore less valuable.

Of the ink cartridges accepted by this scheme both Virgin and Non-Virgin cartridges can be returned for recycling by us.

Also please note that due to basic supply and demand factors currently the market value of a lot of empty injet cartridges has dropped to less than the cost of postage. Even though no cashback is given for a lot of those respective cartridges, we can still confirm that they will be recycled in a responsible, environmentally way if returned.


 HP (Model #) Quick Ref. # Virgin Non Virgin 
C6578D/A HP 78 50p 0p
C6656A HP 56 25p 25p
C6657A HP 57 50p 25p
C8728A HP 28 50p 25p
C8765EE HP 338 50p 25p
C8766EE HP 343 50p 25p
C9351A HP 21 25p 25p
C9352AE HP 22 50p 25p
C9361EE HP 342 25p 25p
C9362A HP 336 25p 0p
C9363EE HP 344 50p 25p
C9364A HP 337 50p 25p
CB337EE HP 350XL 50p 25p
CB338EE HP 351XL 50p 25p
CC640EE HP 300 0p 0p
CC641EE HP 300 0p 0p
CC643EE HP 300XL 50p 25p
CC644EE HP 300XL 50p 25p
CH561EE HP 301 1st Gen 0p 0p
CH562EE HP 301 1st Gen 0p 0p
CH561EE HP 301 2nd Gen 50p 25p
CH562EE HP 301 2nd Gen 50p 25p
CH653EE HP 901 50 25p
CH654EE HP 901XL 50 25p
CH656EE HP 901 50p 25p
CH563EE HP 301XL 1st Gen 0p 0p
CH564EE HP 301XL 1st Gen 0p 0p
CH563EE HP 301XL 2nd Gen 50p 25p
CH564EE HP 301XL 2nd Gen 50p 25p
 CANON   Virgin Non Virgin 
CL-38   50p 25p
CL-41   50p 25p
CL-51   50p 25p
CL-52   50p 25p
CL-511   50p 25p
CL-513   50p 25p
CL-546   50p 25p
CL-546XL   50p 25p
CL-541   50p 25p
CL-541XL   50p 25p
PG-37   50p 10p
PG-40   25p 10p
PG-50   50p 10p
PG-510   50p 25p
PG-512   50p 25p
PG-540   50p 25p
PG-540XL   50p 25p
PG-545   50p 25p
PG-545XL   50p 25p
 LEXMARK Quick Ref. # Virgin Non Virgin 
10N0016 No.16 50p 0p
10N0026 No.26 0p 0p
10N0217 No.17 50p 0p
10N0227 No.27 0p 0p
18C0031 No.31 0p 0p
18C0032 No.32 0p 0p
18C0033 No.33 0p 0p
18C0034 No.34 0p 0p
18C0035 No.35 0p 0p
18C0781E No. 1 0p 0p
18C0190E No. 2 0p 0p
18C1530E No. 3 0p 0p
 DELL   Virgin Non Virgin 
T0529   0p 0p
T0530   0p 0p
7Y743   0p 0p
7Y745   0p 0p
M4640   0p 0p
M4646   0p 0p
MK990   0p 0p
MK991   0p 0p
MK992   0p 0p
MK993   0p 0p
Epson 16   0p 0p
Epson 18   0p 0p
Epson 24   0p 0p
Epson 26   0p 0p


E&OE Empty cartridge prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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