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HP 57 Colour Ink Cartridge (C6657AE)

HP 57
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Average Customer Rating: Average Customer Rating of 4.33333333333 Stars  4.3/5  (from 3 reviews)
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Cartridge Colour
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Cartridge Type
Original Inkjet Cartridge

HP 57, C6657AN



This product is a genuine HP inkjet printer cartridge. Manufactured to HP's strict quality standards.

HP 57 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Ink2U We Do Our Best to Keep Our Customers Happy

Our mission is to provide quality, low priced products, delivered free of charge that are coupled with excellent customer service before, during and after your purchase.

If it turns out that you are not completely satisfied with this HP 57 Colour Ink Cartridge for example, it's extremely easy for you to get your money back as it's covered by our 6-month money back guarantee.

If you need to, just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to get you smiling again :)

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These cartridges earn you 00p each off of your next order

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When you receive your order, simply return your empties in the provided Freepost envelope and we'll credit your account with cash, which will automatically be deducted off of your next order. We'll even send you a courtesy email to let you know your money is applied.

  • Saves you extra money off of your orders
  • Saves waste going to landfill

Customer Ratings and Reviews

HP 57HP 57 Colour Ink Cartridge
Average Customer Rating of 4.3 Stars 4.3/5  from 3 reviews

Customer Rating of 4 Stars Ink2me in no time! 04/02/2015 by Paul Smith

The cartridges are sent next day delivery, are cheaper than the shops and you get a small credit for the spent cartridge that you send back. HP cartridges are very expensive, but I have tried the copies and they have not always been so reliable.

Customer Rating of 5 Stars Speedy delivery 18/05/2013 by Vanessa Stopford

I am always amazed at how quickly my ink order arrives -

Customer Rating of 4 Stars As usual great sevice 17/02/2013 by Thomas Breen

I have been using ink2u for some time now. Always great service - never any problems.

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